Skeleton Woman


Skeleton Woman

Skeleton Woman was a development with the VCA Acting Company, 2013 as part of the Animateuring program (2011). Using the Inuit Myth of the same name, Skeleton Woman, explores themes of love, death, and cycles within nature and relationships. The work interrogates the idea that in order to live and love you must face death, over and over again. Repetitive movement, layered composition and a sparse, atmospheric score created a stylistic and filmic quality. The use of light and surreal imagery engulfed the audience to offer a moving experience open for interpretation. 

Creator / Director: Sally Lewry 

Performer Collaborators: Oliver Coleman, Emiel Freund, Nicholas Kato, Tamara Natt and Rani Pramesti

Lighting and Sound Design: Sally Lewry

Lighting Facilitator: Paula Van Beek