Able in the presence of rocks

Poetic memoir exploring the themes of death, grief, birth, life and the subtle and overt ways in which they intertwine. Written in response to the death of my husband and birth of my second child, this personal work aims to bring life to death, to speak of the transformational experience which can occur when one is privileged to witness the lifting of the veil. Raw, moving and unabashed the collection puts poetic language to that which we find difficult to speak. Dissecting small mundane moments from the natural world and domestic life,  it rears hope from the depths of grief in a celebration of life and living.  

Launched at The Queenscliff Literary Festival, 2018, at Lighthouse Arts Collective. The launch event included live readings, projection in collaboration with Amelia Ducker and sound design by Ben Talbot-Dunn.  

To read about the process of writing head to: https://www.lighthouseartscollective.com/blog/


The Bookshop, Queenscliff, Victoria

Brown and Bunting, Northcote, Victoria

or purchase a copy HERE