Created by artist Leisa Shelton, Scribe is designed as a live writing project within festival and event contexts in which artist Scribes capture the experience of members of the public to create the democratic document of the festival.

It seeks to put into question hierarchies of power and enable diverse voices and experiences to be the document for artists, public and future researchers to engage with as a fuller and more layered resonant outcome of the live event.

It was commissioned in 2016 by Arts House Melbourne for the Festival of Live Art and has since been re-commissioned by Spill Festival, UK and for Dance Massive, Australia’s national program of dance in 2017.

I am a  participating artist / Scribe, working with Leisa Shelton and the Scribe project in various contexts.

I will be participating in the up-coming Scribe for the 2018 Keir Choreographic Award, Dancehouse Public Program. 

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