Winter Weather. 02/06/17

Winter is here. Hello to here. 

I love the start of a new season, it makes me pause to consider the invitation of the season, as each season invites us to be and to receive differently. Growing up in Sydney my first Winter in Melbourne was a bit of a shock, but also wonderful. Ten years living in Victoria has seen me acclimatise and I really do say hello to Winter, with a smile. More and more I appreciate this season’s invitation. To slow down, to go in, to be patient in the necessary hibernation, darkness and stripping back, in order to foster new growth. That’s not to say it’s not hard. Winter can be really hard! But hard can be good and necessary, particularly in our comfort addicted state. 

Weather can be seen as such a cliche and it is often said one is boring if all one has to talk about is the weather. I disagree. I think of Nick Cave’s The Weather Diaries. I think of climate change, even though that is another, much more epic conversation than the one I'm having here, but one we need to urgently be having. On a smaller scale, in recent months I have risen early to witness dawn at the beach. Every time I am speechless and taken with the seemingly simple transformation that takes place, before my eyes. Arriving in darkness it seems impossible that light will come, even though I have seen it many times before, and know it will occur, I am almost in disbelief until the very first light breaks and I am always astonished. There’s something in that. I can’t help but think that it is surely crucial for human beings to witness that every day, and then to witness the light fading at dusk. What are we missing in being disconnected to this daily transformation? What might it offer us? I know what it offers me, as the artist, as the widow. And the crazy thing is, it is there, free of charge, wherever you are to access it, every day. 

What is it to be with and watch the weather? I recently had a wonderful experience of watching a storm come across the bay. I had to be somewhere but I took ten minutes to sit and watch the weather move across. It was beautiful and moving and by the time the raindrops reached me and I was running to my car - exhilarating. It reminded me that there is always movement, always, no matter how stuck one might feel. So this Winter I want to converse with the weather much more actively. Yesterday, on the first day of Winter I started a new project; for the season of Winter (Thursday 1st June - Thursday 31st August) I will take a black and white polaroid photograph, looking out to sea, in the same spot, every day. To have a tangible document to show me the movement when I am having trouble seeing it. Each day I will have a moment to be with the weather and it’s crisp invitation. Hello to Winter.