We adjust. 08/11/16

Here we are. Back in the studio. It has been a while but we are working to become patient with this. We know it is fragmented but we continually invite and ask for more time, to take hold of momentum. 

We being the widow, the mother, the artist. We realise we cannot be separated we are all here together. The artist takes a deep breath. 

The artist writes with her right-hand even though she is left-handed, as she holds her feeding babe with her left. 

we adjust.

we adjust.

we adjust.

this does not mean it is comfortable nor perfect but yes we adjust. 

We start by cleaning the space. 

We start by cleaning the body, through stillness, through stretching, through movement, it feels as if I could clean all day. 

We make these preparations in order that we may begin, to ask a question of what view we might glimpse today. 

this is the point.

this is the purpose. the beautiful question.

Can we have an exquisite view on all of this, on everything that comes our way, that comes clearly or not so clearly into view? 

Birth. Death. Motherhood. 

How can we bring what lingers on the periphery into view? 

I fall.

I fall.

I get up again and again

and sometimes 

get a glimpse 

of an 

exquisite view,



I feel there is a work waiting to be born here.

We know there has to be patience, gestation.

We look forward to returning to the studio next week.