Studio. 15/11/16

I enter the studio thinking of last nights Super Moon. 

I move, I move, I move.

What will be illuminated today? Can I radiate light from my limbs?

The moon lights the landscape and shifts the tides, the movement shifts me and all that lay dormant in this internal landscape.

I hear the birds outside the studio and envy their song, their flight.  

I use my breath to ask for more. 

But it is not to be, the baby who I was hoping would sleep, does not. He commands my attention and that's where it must go. 

I help him to sleep and return to the floor but the thread has been lost. 

I ask again;

How can a bird with only one wing soar? 

So you are a little stuck, be here, for there is nowhere else to go, eventually a shift will come.

You are just waning or is it waxing? Be patient and trust the cycle, for soon you will be FULL again.