Projects / Works I have collaborated on in various roles


This Way: Curated Walks Of Castlemaine

Seepod Residency, Punctum Live Arts 

Collaborating with artist Amelia Ducker in the role of creator, this Seedpod Residency explored walking as contemplation, a curated external experience to connect with our internal landscape. 

"Through its simplicity 'This Way' revealed a profundity: that being less externally connected means we can become more internally connected, with everything, through consciousness. We create the space to listen to what's going on. I found the experience utterly expansive and a revelation."

Megan Spencer




Grave, Dewey Dell, The Exchange Program, Next Wave Festival

I had the privilege of working with Italian Company Dewey Dell as a performer in their work Grave as part of the 2012 Next Wave Festival, at Arts House Melbourne.