A call to the wild, Cimarrón speaks to an aspect of humanity which is all but lost. Bold and evocative in its imagery Cimarrón exerts the physical body to explore diverse representations of the wild and civilised, our relationship with the natural world and ourselves. Within an engulfing atmosphere of sound, shadow and smell the audience witness the brutal demise and transformation of a vulnerable wild creature, at the hands of a ruthless individual. The two female characters exist within a world of complexity. Their relationship embodies an interrogation of the current socio-political climate to reveal our social façades, fears, failures and questions toward the future. A call to reclaim our place within the wild and awaken our inner beast, in order to reconnect. 

The Spanish word Cimarrón refers to that which cannot be tamed - slaves that have escaped captivity to live on the edges of society. Are we slaves to the socio-political structure we ourselves created? Raw and visceral, Cimarrón will move and entice us to consider a new perspective.

Creator and Performer: Sally Lewry

Developed with: Xanthe Beesley 

Performed by: Tamara Natt 

Lighting Collaborator: Paula Van Beek

Designer Collaborator: Priya Namana 

Sound Collaborator: Rob Jordan

Cimarrón premiered at Metro Arts, Brisbane, March 2014


"The work reads beautifully across a range of political, feminist and historical contexts as well as conjuring a detailed immersive world...the wild is brutalised in what was for me the most powerful sequence in the whole Lewry's figure was whipped and broken, made to dance in circles, to learn to obey and be remade in the image of her dominator."

Inner Bodies On The Outer, Kathryn Kelly, Realtime Arts

"Art like this feels like the perfect fuck or the tiping point of intoxication. A moment when nothing else matters." 

Eleanor Jackson, 4ZZZ

"Visually this is a stimulating and intriguing show... the physicality of the performance absorbing, with highlights including Lewry's equine capers. Cimarrón is, as it promises, a difficult work of contemporary theatre that is meant to unsettle and unnerve through its untamed unorthodoxy"

Meredith Walker

"That is the beauty of Cimarrón, it is open to interpretation, the absence of much speech, enables the audience to decide in their own minds what is happening. I would highly recommend seeing Cimarrón if you are prone to questioning society as a whole, our place in it and our actions. If you are a fan of powerful imagery you will not be disappointed." 

Matt Huxley, Moustache Magazine