Back Of Burke


Back Of Burke

Largely autobiographical, examining the experience of growing up in the Western Suburbs of Sydney with an eccentric father, Back of Burke, uses storytelling and imagery to examine the role family and place play, in shaping identity. A raw and humourous look at what life and family can throw at us, Back of Burke presents a live portrait of a man, with his unique and tough tale of survival. It asks just what it is that shapes us, whether or not we have a choice in the matter, what we resist and what we embrace.

Back of Burke premiered as part of 'Two Solo's' at Pact Theatre as part of the Pact Presents Program, alongside the work of Georgie Read (2009). The work toured to The Big West Festival, The Dog Theatre, Melbourne (2009), The Adelaide Fringe Festival, Adelaide (2010) 

Creator / Writer: Sally Lewry

Performer: Sally Lewry

Dramaturge: Ashley Dyer

Mentor: Deborah Pollard  

"Lewry is a truly engaging and edgy storyteller... a skilled writer and performer, I look forward to more work from her"

Dream Logic, Gail Priest, Realtime Arts